artist     GODFREY CALEB
I accidentally spilled coffee on a
card paper. Preoccupied, I
returned later. The phone rang. I
doodled during the duration of the
conversation on the dry dilemma.
Even if I may say, I was quite
impressed with my coffee art.
Since my retirement from
Architecture, I have been
experimenting with art mediums.
Each has its challenges and
rewards, but they cannot compete
with the aroma of coffee.
There is nothing like sipping and
painting with it. Mind you many a
times the brush has been dipped in
the wrong mug !
With the popularity of my
coffee paintings, I slid my
watercolors, pen sketches and
oils paintings on the back
burner. However in  recent
years there has been a
growing demand for my
paintings in the mediums
mentioned above.
This  site is
now  showcasing  my  other
works too.
Enjoy !
Thank you,
Godfrey Caleb